Advanced Mold For Construction

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Advanced Mold for Construction Course

Advanced Mold For Construction

Level: Advanced

Duration: 3 Hours 20 Minutes

Location: Online

Overview & Objectives

The Advanced Mold for Construction online training from Exceed Safety is designed to offer participants high-level advanced knowledge regarding mold and the role it plays in both our environment and structures designed for human occupancy. Participants can expect to discuss common techniques used to control mold in and around structures, as well as reference materials from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC).

Exceed Safety’s Advanced Mold for Construction training offers advanced-level training about what mold is and how to recognize it in the workplace. Additionally, participants can expect essential control methods, and more. Specific course topics include the following:

  • Overview of mold in construction
  • An introduction to mold
  • Molds and human health
  • Mold control
  • Moisture control
  • Information sources
  • EPA’s top 10

Specific industry terms covered throughout the three courses include the following:

  • Cladosporium
  • Penicillium
  • Alternaria
  • Aspergillus
  • Mucor

Who is this Course for?

The Advanced Mold for Construction course is ideal for all employees and managerial roles at the construction site. Individuals who will specifically benefit from this course include the following:

  • Construction workers
  • Construction managers
  • Construction supervisors
  • Construction foremen

Features & Benefits

Exceed Safety’s Advanced Mold for Construction course presents participants with essential information about safe and best work practices working around mold. Upon successful completion of this course, participants can expect to:

  • Know mold definitions and identification techniques and methods
  • Understand common human health effects from mold
  • Understand moisture control and its role in mold
  • Identify common information sources
  • Know EPA’s top 10