Expert Witness

Expert Witness

Tim Neubauer has served as an expert witness in a variety of legal cases related to OSHA and civil litigation. Stated simply: the job of the expert witness is to clarify in common terms for the jury the responsibilities of the parties and organizations involved for safety on a job, process, or product. Tim has provided technical reports, depositions, and trial testimony that have assisted clients in reaching favorable settlements, and in several instances proceeded without any violations, penalties, or negative judgements.

Tim’s expertise is grounded in 3 decades of experience in the real world, holding positions and roles that scale from laborer to president of a company in construction and manufacturing industries. This experience has provided him with an unparalleled ability to provide expert witness advise and testimony. He prides himself on the ability to explain work processes and regulations within the industry, and detail how they are applied in practice.

As the founder of Exceed Safety, Tim has assisted numerous clients with enhancing compliance by conducting compliance audits, interpreting regulatory requirements, developing training programs and operations manuals, and assisting them with navigating the complexities of regulatory compliance. Simultaneously, Tim was able to remain profitable and deliver services and products to their customers on time, and within budget.

Some might wonder: why don’t most cases go to trial? Much of that can be attributed to expert witnesses and their contributions to the process. It is the duty of the expert witness to be frank with the attorney who hires them. Tim and the Exceed Safety team are adept at reviewing evidence and applying it to the legal counsels’ strategies and goals, allowing for timely and cost saving resolutions.

The Exceed Safety team provides an analysis of the case, whether it is a personal injury, product liability, or an OSHA regulatory safety issue. We are prepared to testify in court about responsibility for safety, injury prevention, and causation.

Because Tim spends a significant amount of time in the field, he remains current in practices and product applications, enhancing his knowledge for use in legal cases. This supports his guiding principles, namely that: safety starts at the top, pre-job planning is essential for safety compliance, and that fiscal responsibility and cost effectiveness are best served when the time and money is spent on safety protocols and procedures before something happens.

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