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Elevating Safety With On Demand  Safety Project Management

High safety standards is critical when working in today’s competitive business market. A quality safety program can set you apart and clench lucrative jobs that can take your company to the next level. Here at Exceed Safety, we specialize in providing comprehensive solutions for companies that seek to address safety needs through on demand safety project management. There is a litany of benefits to having a on demand safety PM from Exceed Safety. We have decades of experience at the highest level and have access to safety consultants ranging from OSHA 30 all the way up to CSPs. We bring with us knowledge, expertise, and commitment to safety excellence. Our goal is to tailor a safety program that always enhances the safety of your company and minimizes risks.

Exceed Safety delivers high-quality on demand safety project management and can benefit your company in the following ways:

Exceed Safety understands that your unique safety demands can vary job to job. We work closely with companies to assess their specific needs and challenges. Whether it’s a short-term project or compliance checks, Exceed Safety can align the safety workforce with precise requirements, offering scalability and flexibility.

Exceed Safety maintains a network of highly qualified safety professionals ranging from OSHA 30s to CSPs and everything in between. We have worked on numerous specialized projects and there is no task that we have not faced. Whether you need audits completed, onsite guidance, or training completed, Exceed Safety has you covered.

Incidents and regulatory audits require immediate action. Exceed Safety not only feels comfortable in these situations but can also provide a rapid response to such needs. Our extensive network of safety professionals means we can swiftly connect organizations with suitable on demand staff, reducing delays and ensuring a quick and effective response to safety issues. Additionally, our safety PMs can ensure that organizations remain compliant with complex and evolving regulations, helping them avoid penalties and legal complications.

Our safety PMs can identify, mitigate, and manage risks effectively, reducing the likelihood of incidents that can lead to financial, legal, and reputational consequences.

The very presence of a safety PM from Exceed Safety can enhance your company’s risk management capabilities. We are adept at hazard identification, implementation of risk mitigation strategies, and overall contribution to a safety work environment.

Acquiring a safety project manager through Exceed Safety can be a cost-effective solution for your company. It allows you to access our high-quality safety professionals without the long-term commitment and cost associated with permanent hiring.

Exceed Safety is a trusted partner in safety. We offer seamless solutions for your company when seeking to elevate your safety standards through on demand safety project management. Our scalable, flexible, and expertise-driven approach aligns precisely with the unique safety needs of your, or any, company. The solutions we offer are achieved through accessing a plethora of knowledge, improving risk management, and promoting a strong safety culture. Your company can protect the well-being of employees while realizing your safety objectives in today’s safety-centered world. Embracing on demand safety project management through Exceed Safety is a strategic move that can contribute to the overall success and safety excellence of an organization

Collaborates with management to develop, prepare, and implement safety policies and procedures.

Many consultants and vendors sell a “canned” manual and simply insert your company name. We don’t do that. With OSHA standards as a base, we sit down with the client and discuss – How do you do it now? How do you want to do it while staying compliant? -- Then, along with our safety experts and technical writers, we write the manual tailored to your reality. We make it as lean and understandable as possible to best help your day-to-day operation. It is customized directly for you. We also give you the Word version with editable rights while maintaining the original document so we can fix anything you mess up. If you buy a canned manual, you will spend significantly more money to update what you need. Let us do it right from the start.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"Working with the Fraction Safety Team at Exceed Safety was an absolute game-changer for our organization. Their team of experts seamlessly integrated into our operations, providing invaluable safety insights and guidance that significantly improved our safety protocols and practices."

William R.

"My experience with Exceed Safety as an expert witness was outstanding. Their professionalism, expertise, and dedication to their clients' success truly set them apart. I highly recommend their services to anyone in need of a reliable and knowledgeable safety consulting firm."

Rob M.

"Exceed Safety is a highly professional safety consulting firm. Tim Neubauer has three decades of experience. Tim is a hard worker that delivers a high level of service and expertise."

Pat N.

"I have known and worked with Tim in the safety field. Great guy and very knowledgeable."

Jeff C.

"Exceed Safety is a great safety consulting firm. Knowledgeable , experienced team with high quality of products and services! Hands down the best in town!"

Shelly N.

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