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Immersive Training in the Metaverse

This presentation highlights studies that have been conducted over a 20-year period showing that the virtual reality (VR) immersive training environment decreases the time needed to teach a soft skill by four times, and retention increases by four times. The speaking session can range from 30 to 90 minutes, depending on your company’s specific needs.
The VR training environment is an immersive training concept that allows real world training situations to be tested in a safer, controlled environment. We will discuss companies currently using this immersive tool in various applications relating to safety. Certain industries use immersive training as new employee orientation and hazard recognition.

The Outcomes

At the end of the session, attendees will be able to identify the time savings of using immersive training, the increased retention, and safe testing of soft skills in a controlled environment. Attendees will also be able to review current use of VR technology and how it can apply to their environment.

Presentation Methodology

This presentation has previously been showcased at:

  • VOSH Safety and Health Conference March 30/21, 2023 Virginia Beach VA
  • AHMP 2023 National Conference August 27th and 28th in Omaha NE
  • ASSP Region VI PDC September 13-15, 2023 Kingston Plantation Resort Myrtle Beach, SC
  • National Safety Council congress October 23-27 New Orleans 2023

Fall Protection Best Practices: Industry Regulations and Guidelines

This seminar will explore the current OSHA standards and ANSI/ASSE guidelines to help identify the best practices and plans for fall protection. We will discuss who is responsible on a multi-employer work site, what the employer is responsible for providing, and how the employee is responsible for behaving. Attendees will review the obligations for employers who fall under various titles under the Multi-Employer Citation Policy and their duties/responsibilities for providing fall protection and methods of insulating workers from risky behaviors from other trades. In conjunction with a regulatory review, OSHA cases that have set precedents on the duty of an employer to have fall protection, and what that entails, will be highlighted. This discussion will focus on what must be included in a successful fall protection plan, strategies of implementation of these plans, evaluation of protection methods, and effectiveness of the hierarchy of controls from elimination to PPE.

The format of the presentation will be as follows:

  1. Outline necessary elements of a fall protection plan that is complaint with regulatory standards
  2. Identify exposures and successful strategies to protect workers under the Multi-Workplace clause
  3. Review relevant OSHA cases to identify areas of exposure and improvement in fall prevention and fall protection planning
  4. Develop and implement a fall protection program audit checklist

Presented at:

  • World of Concrete 2023 Jan 17 – Jan 19, 2023 Las Vegas
  • World of Concrete 2024 Thursday, 1/25/2024, 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm Las Vegas

Caught Doing Something Right

This presentation details an ongoing safety management concept called “Safety Contacts.” A Safety Contact is a behavior-reinforcing conversation between employees; it is a process that regularly and positively recognizes employees for the safe behaviors that they exhibit. The Safety Contact model was designed from the ground up to be personal, one-on-one, behavior encouraging, behavior improving, and, most importantly, behavior reinforcing.

This presentation has been given at:

  • National Safety Council Congress and Expo Chicago (2013)
  • The Voluntary Protection Programs Participants’ Association (VPPPA) (2014)
  • National Safety Council Congress and Expo San Diego (2014)
  • Arizona Air National Guard Phoenix safety stand down keynote (2015)
  • National Safety Council Congress and Expo vendor floor show Atlanta (2015)
  • The Safety and Health Council of NC Congress and Expo Charlotte (2015)
  • Colorado Safety Council keynote address Denver (May 2016)
  • Minnesota Safety Council main presentation Minneapolis (May 2016)
  • Scheduled for:
    • National Safety Council Congress and Expo vendor floor show Anaheim, CA (September 2016)

Mr. Neubauer is prevented by a non-disclosure agreement to state where and when this presentation was given between 2017 and 2022

Creating a World Class Safety Culture

Want to lower your costs, increase your profits, and improve your productivity? We’ll show you how a culture in which safety is the shared value of every employee accomplishes that – and how you can implement one in your organization. You’ll learn how to lead and implement a safety culture, involve employees in recognizing and identifying hazards, use measurement tools to quantify the effectiveness of your safety culture, and apply continuous improvement methods to evaluate and improve your safety efforts. You’ll be able to watch your business thrive by incorporating safety into the foundation of every strategy, decision, operation, and action.

This presentation has been given at:

  • ThyssenKrupp global safety stand down (2014)
  • Arizona Air National Guard (2015)
  • International Bridge Conference® (IBC) (2016)

Safety Management Systems in Comparison

This presentation reviews Safety Management Systems (SMS) from the historical perspective; it compares and contrasts several SMS’s (including Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems/International, Organization for Standardization (OHSAS/ISO) 18001 (2007), American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Z10 (2012), and Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) Illness Injury Prevention Programs). A strategic outcome of this seminar is to highlight the benefits of having a safety and health management system, while proving how SMS’s help organizations adjust and adapt to new regulatory standards. By the end of the session, attendees will be able to identify the best SMS for their company to overcome barriers to SMS implementation.

This presentation has been given at:

  • National Safety Council Congress and Expo, Atlanta (2015)
  • The Safety and Health Council of NC Congress and Expo, Charlotte (2015)
  • Colorado Safety Council, Denver (May 2016)
  • Minnesota Safety Council, Minneapolis (May 2016)
  • National Safety Council Congress and Expo, Anaheim, CA (September 2016)

Mr. Neubauer is prevented by a non-disclosure agreement from stating where and when this presentation was given between 2017 and 2022

Collaborates with management to develop, prepare, and implement safety policies and procedures.

Many consultants and vendors sell a “canned” manual and simply insert your company name. We don’t do that. With OSHA standards as a base, we sit down with the client and discuss – How do you do it now? How do you want to do it while staying compliant? -- Then, along with our safety experts and technical writers, we write the manual tailored to your reality. We make it as lean and understandable as possible to best help your day-to-day operation. It is customized directly for you. We also give you the Word version with editable rights while maintaining the original document so we can fix anything you mess up. If you buy a canned manual, you will spend significantly more money to update what you need. Let us do it right from the start.

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