Fractional Safety Team

Fractional Safety Team Services

Our fractional safety team can be the answer to any safety problem you may have. There are so many ways we can help!

Imagine the ways we can help:

Consider our Fractional Safety Team. We provide holistic support where you need it within your budget. Very few people can fill all the roles that companies require in a safety person. Our Fractional Safety Team gives our clients access to our entire skill set in one package that fits your budget. We can offer our entire team for about what it costs you to hire one person.

Here are some of the ways Exceed Safety can be the solution to your needs:

The Safety Director will develop, coordinate, and implement occupational health policies and procedures to promote and ensure effective safety operations in the organization. The safety director has excellent written and verbal communication skills, excellent organization skills and attention to detail, strong supervisory and leadership skills, and is knowledgeable on OSHA and company policies and thus provides expert technical advice.

Don’t confuse OSHA recordability with workers’ compensation. They are not the same. Federal standards can be confusing. We will work with you to fill out the forms and track incidents accurately according to the Code of Federal Regulations. We are experts in this area. Let us help you!

Content Accuracy and Delivery Quality

Exceed Safety’s founder and owner, Tim Neubauer, is an expert witness and can testify or provide expertise in the world of training. He reviews training records that do not meet OSHA standards which therefore exposes the employer to liability. He and the team identify the content which is often outdated or not accurate. Sometimes it is not based on OSHA standards or industry best practices.

Ability to Conduct Training

We go back to the basics to develop training content based on federal standards. We revamped content for today’s students and the way they learn best. We have created all new training material based on standards, industry best practices, and current teaching techniques and philosophies for all three types of learners – kinesthetic, visual, and auditory learners. Our training uses virtual technology and video game-type exercises.

Collaborates with management to develop, prepare, and implement safety policies and procedures.

Many consultants and vendors sell a “canned” manual and simply insert your company name. We don’t do that. With OSHA standards as a base, we sit down with the client and discuss – How do you do it now? How do you want to do it while staying compliant? -- Then, along with our safety experts and technical writers, we write the manual tailored to your reality. We make it as lean and understandable as possible to best help your day-to-day operation. It is customized directly for you. We also give you the Word version with editable rights while maintaining the original document so we can fix anything you mess up. If you buy a canned manual, you will spend significantly more money to update what you need. Let us do it right from the start.

Identifies opportunities to minimize workplace injuries, accidents, and health problems.

We identify opportunities to correct and improve. We work with management to track the safety issues and don’t stop the inspection until we find a solution and correct the hazard.

Conducts safety comprehensive inspections and audits to assess employee compliance with safety regulations.

We use software to help us create documentation of safety inspections. Our team of highly qualified safety professionals goes to job sites and facilities to do comprehensive inspections using cutting-edge software, or we can adapt to your software as well to identify hazards and track them to resolution. We never generate a “perfect inspection” due to our continuous improvement philosophy. We keep searching and adapting until all of your issues are resolved. Our goal is to ensure you can answer yes to these questions:

Are you legally compliant and safe?

Are you meeting company policy?

Are you meeting best practices?

As we find at each step that you are compliant, we move to the next level to assess. When you meet a standard, we raise the bar to ensure an upward path of improvement.

Reviews incident reports. Administrative support Field Safety Trainer

Safety Committee Meetings

What is the best way to get employee engagement for safety? Let them help set the rules! Exceed Safety will help your company select the right, natural internal leaders to create your safety committee. We build an internal team to be the safety committee. This committee can, in conjunction with our team, help write the manual with policies and procedures as well as choose the right equipment and supplies needed. The committee provides diversity to be sure all needs are covered. Committees are great equalizers to help grow the safety program.

Risk Analysis and Loss Control

“As low as reasonably practicable” – You can’t eliminate all risks, but what we can identify we can fix. We can help you determine how hazardous something is and how we can correct it. We train employees to identify risks and make needed changes before it becomes hazardous. Exceed Safety helps you identify hazards, assess how bad they are, and fix them.

Remote consulting services

Exceed Safety offers remote consulting services as well as in-person meetings, training, and inspections. We help assess how to eliminate costly unnecessary travel while leveraging technology for training and inspections when possible. Digital recording of inspections using video technology and video equipment adds an extra layer of noticeability as footage can be reviewed multiple times, aiding in finding all safety hazards that can otherwise be missed. In-person training and inspections are often preferable, but leveraging technology is a great second choice.

Efficient Process

We are a Six Sigma company and our processes are developed to provide consistent and efficient results. With our processes, we are more efficient to give you the best service. We consistently look for how we can do things better while also being the most cost-effective. As a result we minimize errors to give you the best quality. We adapt systems to run more efficiently.

Expert Witness

Our expertise is in-house, and when you need an expert witness in the occupational safety field with real-world experience, look no further than Exceed Safety. Our team of subject matter experts can guide your case from the early stages of the investigation to reports, depositions, and testimony. We have successfully supported the dismissal of a 40-million-dollar wrongful death claim and the reduction of liability in another fatality case. Not to mention dozens of OSHA citations dismissed or reduced over the last 20+ years.

With our area of expertise in occupational safety OSHA rules and regulations, we can:

We would like to be contractually connected with you ahead of time because the quicker we can become involved with OSHA, the quicker we can help you. We can help you understand the process and formulate a defense up to the point of your informal conference. We can help you find the right lawyer if you wish to litigate after that.

We have experience in cases that involve litigation for wrongful death, OSHA citations, and product liability. We are often retained by the law firm because of our knowledge of OSHA rules and regulations, and we have a team of experts who have expertise in a wide range of industries: construction, cranes, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and hazardous waste to name a few. Experts are available who have decades of real-world experience working in these industries and are also safety experts.

Our team consists of experts who have real experience in the real world. They are real safety people with real experience.