Our Services

Exceed Safety is structured to provide a wide range of expertise in workplace safety. Our mission is to provide safety services that exceed expectations! Our team provides the services you need. We have subject matter experts who are industry leaders in general industry and construction with over 3 decades of experience. We have safety trainers with decades of experience who have trained internationally, and our team of technical writers have master’s degrees in writing and use our subject matter experts to draft custom manuals, policies, procedures, and plans for your team. We go back to the basics to develop training content based on updated federal standards. Our training is based on federal standards but tailored to your needs to efficiently cover all aspects of safety regulations that pertain to your specific workplace and employees. Our team can audit your existing work setting, equipment, and processes to check for compliance with all safety regulations and industry best practices to ensure you will pass occupational safety inspections. We ensure that everything is up to date and meets OSHA standards to eliminate employer liability. Exceed Safety also helps with your staffing needs whether short or long-term. No matter what your needs are, or the size of your company, Exceed Safety has the expertise to meet your safety needs and exceed expectations. We are real safety people with real experience in the real world.

Fractional Safety Team

Our fractional Safety Team can be the answer to your organization’s safety challenges. Consider the example of a growing company reaching the point where they need a safety person, but your budget is not there yet. So, you try an internal assignment, but you have to invest in training and certifications, and it still does not give you the level of skill and expertise you need.

Other challenges are finding the right person for that safety role, the first time. Are your needs a writer, trainer, or an auditor? Exceed Safety can help you identify those needs before you start the hiring process.

Consider our Fractional Safety Team. We provide holistic support where you need it within your budget. Very few people can fill all the roles that companies require in a safety person. Our Fractional Safety Team gives our clients access to our entire skill set in one package that fits your budget. We can offer our entire team for about what it costs you to hire one person.

On Demand Project Management

Exceed Safety is NOT a traditional staffing agency! We are first and foremost a safety full-service consulting firm. When you have needs such as temporary placement of a safety professional on a construction site, we can offer our team to fill those needs short or long-term. Let us handle your needs with turnkey solutions. We have a large network of vetted safety professionals and our team includes degreed, credentialed, and experienced safety professionals based nationwide to serve our clients. If your company is looking to hire a safety professional permanently, we can help you identify your needs and help you find the right person for the job even if that means internal recruiting where Exceed Safety provides training and mentoring of your team.

Safety Inspections & Audits

Exceed Safety uses a systemic approach to safety inspections and audits. The simple concept of find them and fix them! When coupled with experience spanning 3 decades, the Exceed Safety team has refined and perfected the inspection and audit processes and uses proven methodology to get measurable results.

Expert Witness

Tim Neubauer has served as an expert witness in a variety of legal cases related to OSHA and civil litigation. Stated simply: the job of the expert witness is to clarify in common terms for the jury the responsibilities of the parties and organizations involved for safety on a job, process, or product. Tim has provided technical reports, depositions, and trial testimony that have assisted clients in reaching favorable settlements, and in several instances proceeded without any violations, penalties, or negative judgements.

In Person Training

Exceed Safety stands as a beacon of trust when it comes to in-person safety training. Helmed by Tim Neubauer, an industry veteran with vast experience and expertise, their in-person sessions ensure a comprehensive understanding of safety protocols. Tim's hands-on approach and dedication to the subject matter ensure that participants are not just educated but are also empowered to implement these safety measures effectively in real-world situations. As an active participant in these sessions, one can expect to engage in practical demonstrations, interactive discussions, and get direct feedback from one of the best in the business. Choosing Exceed Safety's in-person training is an investment in quality, precision, and expertise.

Online Training

In the digital age, Exceed Safety remains ahead of the curve by offering top-notch online safety training modules. Catering to those who seek flexibility without compromising on content quality, their online courses are meticulously designed to cover all necessary safety aspects. These virtual modules, accessible from anywhere, are structured to ensure participants grasp and retain essential safety knowledge. Through a combination of multimedia presentations, quizzes, and real-time interactions, learners are equipped with the skills to navigate safety challenges, even in the absence of a physical classroom setting. Dive into a world where technology meets safety, all thanks to Exceed Safety's premier online training.

Document Creation Management

You do not have to write your own materials, and you certainly do not have to buy a ready-made, one-size-fits-all manual. Those never fit anyone! Our team of technical writers can deliver a custom manual, a single policy or procedure, forms, templates, or whatever you need that is unique to your organization. We work individually with each client to draft new content specific to your needs. We ask the right questions to learn more about your company and employees, and we work with you to assess your needs while also following occupational safety standards. These are NOT the cookie-cutter manuals that are out there! Every company is different, so why should the documents be the same?

Speaking Engagements

The founder of Exceed Safety, Tim Neubauer, has a master's degree in Occupational Safety and Health and is a Certified Safety Professional (CSP). He was named Outstanding Safety Professional by Columbia Southern University in 2018.

He has traveled the world for more than 20 years speaking at conventions about safety. He and members of our team also speak nationwide on a regular basis. This year Tim is speaking at the National Safety Council annual Congress in New Orleans, and at the World of Concrete in Las Vegas in 2024 to name a few of his current engagements. Pick a topic, and we can deliver an engaging, impactful experiences to your audience big or small.

Tim has also published many articles and YouTube videos on various safety concepts including a series of “Safety Moments” on YouTube.