Hydrogen Sulfide Awareness For Manufacturing

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Hydrogen Sulfide Awareness For Manufacturing Course

Hydrogen Sulfide Awareness For Manufacturing

Level: Introductory

Duration: 30 Minutes

Location: Online

Overview & Objectives

The Hydrogen Sulfide Awareness course from Exceed Safety is an introductory-level online training designed to introduce participants to hydrogen sulfide, a colorless, flammable, and highly toxic gas. Shipped as a liquefied compressed gas, hydrogen sulfide has a distinct rotten egg odor.

It is a by-product of many industrial practices including petroleum refining, tanning, mining, wood pulp processing, rayon manufacturing, sugar beet processing, and even hot asphalt paving. Participants will learn the basics of working around this dangerous but useful and common chemical in the Manufacturing sector.

Exceed Safety’s Hydrogen Sulfide Awareness training teaches basic safety awareness tips for working around hydrogen sulfide in Manufacturing. Participants can expect to discuss the background, health hazard summary, and OSHA best practices for working with this chemical. Specific course topics include the following:

  • Means of exposure
  • Information about hydrogen sulfide and the environment
  • OSHA standards and guidelines for contact
  • Acute and chronic health effects of hydrogen sulfide, including cancer and reproduction
  • Instruction for what to do if you smell hydrogen sulfide
  • OSHA guidance for comprehensive training
  • Recommendations for hydrogen sulfide air monitoring
  • Links to additional resources
  • Knowledge checks to measure your understanding

Who is this Course for?

The Hydrogen Sulfide Awareness online course from Exceed Safety is ideal for any and all participants in the Manufacturing industry. The following individuals may specifically benefit from this training:

  • Manufacturing employees
  • Manufacturing managers
  • Manufacturing supervisors

Features & Benefits

Exceed Safety’s Hydrogen Sulfide Awareness course is an introductory-level and interactive training detailing and explaining the dangers involved with and surrounding the industrial chemical, hydrogen sulfide. Upon successful completion of this course, participants can expect to:

  • Summarize the properties, sources, and uses of hydrogen sulfide
  • Understand the primary means of exposure, including inhalation and contact with skin & eyes
  • Discuss the interaction between hydrogen sulfide and the environment
  • Cite OSHA standards regarding concentration and length of exposure
  • Recognize general health effects of hydrogen sulfide contact, as well as those of acute and chronic exposure
  • Explain what to do if you smell hydrogen sulfide
  • Review OSHA guidelines for training
  • Identify the equipment and techniques required for proper hydrogen sulfide air monitoring
  • Get additional information from multiple sources