Preventative Maintenance For Leaders for Manufacturing

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Preventative Maintenance For Leaders for Manufacturing Course

Preventative Maintenance For Leaders for Manufacturing

Level: Intermediate

Duration: 25 Minutes

Location: Online

Overview & Objectives

The Preventative Maintenance for Leaders for Manufacturing course from Exceed Safety is an advanced online training designed specifically for supervisory personnel within the Manufacturing industry. Participants can expect to gain information, awareness, and appreciation, as well as essential terminology of Preventative Maintenance activities. This course will provide strategies, and plans to keep machines and equipment operating at peak efficiency and to keep individuals and equipment stay safe in the manufacturing facility where they work.

Incorporating tips and links to videos and additional materials from OSHA, participants can expect the Preventative Maintenance for Maintenance Personnel for Manufacturing course to be the most robust preventative maintenance courses for Manufacturing available online.

Exceed Safety’s Preventative Maintenance for Leaders for Manufacturing training is designed to provide essential terminology, awareness, and information regarding keeping machinery and equipment in peak operating conditions, all while protecting on-site workers and employees. Specific course topics include the following:

  • Terms and definitions associated with preventative maintenance that you’ll be using in the manufacturing environment
  • A thorough overview of common equipment problems including specific examples for each: wear and tear, unauthorized modifications, improper work practices, improper use of equipment, improper or lack of maintenance, and lack of housekeeping.
  • The consequences of neglecting equipment from equipment failure to difficulty in use to reduced equipment lifespan. Injuries, damage, downtime, and increased costs are given thorough coverage in this in-depth section.
  • An explanation of the difference between preventative maintenance and reactive maintenance.
  • A roadmap for a successful workflow process with checklists for standardizing workflow and increased productivity.
  • Step-by-step actions to take to ensure your preventative maintenance plan is comprehensive: deciding which assets take priority, gathering all the necessary information, and creating the initial plan, tracking that plan and adjusting as needed.
  • Information for operators – specifically operator responsibility for preventative maintenance: inspection prior to use, clean up after use, storing and securing equipment properly, checking manufacture guidelines, and removing equipment from service when necessary.
  • Information for maintenance personnel – knowing what issues go beyond the operator’s authority, recognizing/addressing hazards, evaluating equipment regarding manufacturer specifications, equipment repair, and communicating issues.
  • Responsibilities specific to leadership relative to hazard awareness. This highly detailed section covers equipment hazards to personnel, the types of hazards associated with equipment, hazard mitigation methodology, and the importance of hazard mitigation.
  • The ins and outs of decision points leaders face for reporting and elevating issues ranging from worker participation to the difference between reporting and elevating, from the how-tos of handling concerns to outcomes of reporting (good and bad).
  • Oversight matters that face leadership when it comes to supervising equipment maintenance, recognizing and reinforcing desired behavior, correcting undesirable behavior, monitoring outcomes and implementing changes, and communicating the desired end state.
  • Tips and quizzes that ensure thorough knowledge is gained by the course participant.

Who is this Course for?

The Preventative Maintenance for Leaders for Manufacturing course from Exceed Safety is designed for employees in leadership roles who may work in maintenance roles within the Manufacturing industry. Individuals who may specifically benefit from this course include the following:

  • Maintenance supervisors
  • Maintenance mangers

Features & Benefits

Exceed Safety’s Preventative Maintenance for Leaders for Manufacturing course is an advanced interactive online course designed to be completed at the participant’s own pace in around 45 minutes. Upon successful completion of this course, individuals can expect to:

  • Explain the importance of preventative maintenance
  • Explain the importance of operator/equipment hazard abatement
  • Define policies and procedures for preventative maintenance
  • Describe the key decision points leaders use for reporting, evaluating, etc.
  • Illustrate oversight and its importance