Scaffold User Guidelines For Construction

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Scaffold User Guidelines For Construction Course

Scaffold User Guidelines For Construction

Level: Intermediate

Duration: 0 Hours 40 Minutes

Location: Online or In Person

Overview & Objectives

The Scaffold User Guidelines for Construction course is an online safety course designed to teach the proper use of a scaffold. Because scaffolds are important when working above ground on a construction job site, as well as ladders, it is imperative that they are set up and used correctly. This intermediate safety course will cover specific hazards involved in their use so you will be made aware of the dangers of working with or around scaffolds. The course will also briefly cover the use of scissor lifts on the worksite.

Exceed Safety’s Scaffold User Guidelines for Construction safety course will familiarize participants with basic scaffold user safety, as well as potential scaffold hazards. Also addressed in the course are OSHA standards regarding materials and equipment, competent person inspection, and supported rolling scaffolds.

Above all else, the course puts a significant emphasis on the correct setup of scaffolds and hazards to avoid in order to mitigate potential risks. At a glance, course topics include the following:

  • Introduction to scaffold user guidelines
  • General safety on scaffolds
  • Scaffold hazards
  • Scaffold load capacity
  • Scaffold erection standards
  • Planking
  • Accident reviews
  • Supported scaffolds
  • Rolling scaffolds

Who Is This Course For?

The intermediate-level Scaffold User Guidelines for Construction course will benefit all workers on the construction site. Specific individuals who will benefit from this course include the following:

  • Construction workers
  • Construction foremen
  • Construction supervisors

Features & Benefits

Exceed Safety’s Scaffold User Guidelines for Construction online course focuses primarily on the general safety guidelines and hazards associated with scaffold use. Upon successful completion of this course, participants will have a firm understanding of the following:

  • Scaffold use and design
  • The value of a safe scaffold
  • Common types of supported scaffolds
  • Standards common to most supported scaffolds
  • Scaffold plank selection and inspection standards
  • Fully planked scaffold platforms
  • Individuals in charge of erecting scaffolds
  • How scaffolds are built
  • The need and method for securing taller scaffolds

To receive 0.1 CEU credits for taking this course, participants must complete the entire course, pass all knowledge checkpoints with a score of 100%, and complete the course evaluation form at the end of the course. Upon successful completion, participants will receive a course completion certificate showing the CEUs earned.

In Person Training

Participants in this course can expect to be engaged with a dynamic, intentional, and highly experienced instructor. Our in-person class allows for questions to be answered immediately, open discussions, and hands-on learning. Some classes can be done via Zoom (just give us a call) and can be combined with virtual-blended learning. It is our goal to teach with a variety of strategies that allow everyone to be engaged in a fun and comfortable learning environment.