Slips, Trips And Falls For Construction

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Slips, Trips And Falls For Construction Course

Slips, Trips And Falls For Construction

  • Level: Intermediate
  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Location: Online or In-Person

Overview & Objectives

As one of the leading causes of injury in the construction workplace, slips, trips, and falls must be prevented at all costs. To minimize the effects of these hazards, slip, trip and fall training for construction employees and employers is a must, as these professionals must be able to effectively plan for and communicate any potential risks. During our Slips, Trips, and Falls for Construction course, participants will receive intermediate-level safety training that can help keep themselves and their entire team safe while they work.

The main goal of this course is to promote the safety of construction workplaces through best practices that help to prevent slip, trip, and falls. To do this, it covers the following relevant topics:

  • Slip, trip, and fall basics
  • Causes and effects
  • OSHA slip, trip, and fall regulations
  • Common exposures
  • Planning, communicating, and educating for success
  • Controlling your losses
  • Fall safety and free-fall protection training

Who Is This Course For?

This safety course was designed specifically for all members of the construction workforce, including:

  • Construction employees
  • Construction managers
  • Construction supervisors

This course is not intended for employers or employees in general industry.

Features & Benefits

Upon completing this course, participants will have learned how to better prevent slips, trips, and falls from occurring in their workplace. They will know the financial, productive, and emotional impact that these types of injuries can have on their field. Participants will also learn how to anticipate slips, trips, and falls, identify relevant hazards, and take actions to prevent them from occurring.

Finally, this course allows participants to earn 0.1 CEUs and one contact hour from an authorized IACET CEU provider. Once the course has successfully been completed, students will receive a certificate of completion that documents the total amount of CEUs and contact hours earned.

In Person Training

Participants in our in-person courses can expect to be taught by our most skilled and experienced instructors. Our instructors strive to make our in-person classes dynamic by incorporating meaningful activities that allow peer-to-peer discussion and collaboration, hands-on learning, and real-life examples. Participants will also be able to have most questions answered while attending the class.