Soils Analysis And Classification For Construction

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Soils Analysis and Classification for Construction Course

Soils Analysis And Classification For Construction

Level: Intermediate

Duration: 50 Minutes

Location: Online

Overview & Objectives

There are dangerous jobs for members of the construction workforce. Hazards like trenching cave-ins and exposure to hazardous materials can arise in this line of work, making it imperative to receive the necessary safety training. In Soils Analysis and Classification for Construction, participants will receive soil analysis training so they can reduce the number of workplace accidents and injuries that occur on their worksite.

Soils Analysis and Classification for Construction teaches construction professionals how to stay safe while performing earth-moving activities. To meet this objective, this course covers the following pertinent topics:

  • Soil basics and mechanics
  • Soil stressors and de-stabilizers
  • The definition of key industry terms
  • Soil testing, analysis, and classification
  • The Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA’s) excavation standard
  • Competent persons (CP)
  • Case studies
  • Practical exercises

Who is this Course for?

This course was designed for the following members of the construction workforce:

  • Construction workers
  • Construction managers
  • Construction supervisors
  • Construction CP candidates

Features & Benefits

Upon completion of this soil analysis training course, participants will have gained a deeper understanding of soil mechanics and soil safety. They will have also learned how to identify soil stressors through visual and manual testing and what effects these stressors have on the soil. Moreover, they will have become familiarized with OSHA’s excavation standard to help keep themselves and the rest of their construction team safe. Finally, this course can be completed online in 50 minutes, allowing professionals to fit it into their busy work schedules.