Colin Simon, JD

Colin Simon Exceed Safety

Colin Simon

Title: Creative Content Marketing Producer

A former lawyer turned content creator, Colin Simon brings a unique blend of analytical thinking and creative storytelling to Exceed Safety. Specializing in finely crafted narratives and audio-visual editing, Colin excels at creating impactful content that closely aligns with the company’s mission. Armed with sarcastic wit, he has a knack for making complex topics like safety compliance engaging and relatable.

Above all, Colin is committed to the bigger picture: enhancing workplace safety through compelling narratives and strategic social media engagement.


We Offer In Person & Online Training To Keep Everyone Safe

Exceed Safety offers safety training tailored to your requirements. Whether you prefer in-person sessions, which allow for hands-on learning and real-time interactions, or the convenience of online training that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, we have you covered. Ensure the safety of your team, compliance with regulations, and the longevity of your business with our safety training solutions. Choose the method that works best for your team and let us help you build a safer work environment.


Results Driven Services

We pride ourselves on a results-driven system, equipped with measurable goals and set deadlines. With a track record of assisting thousands of clients over the past three decades, we have consistently delivered remarkable, quantifiable outcomes. Our approach leaves no room for guesswork, as we rely on the undeniable power of numbers. Embracing change and leveraging technology, we constantly refine our processes to enhance your efficiency and maximize your profits. At Exceed Safety, we firmly believe that safety, profits, and schedules can coexist harmoniously.