Respirator Basics For All Industries

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Respirator Basics For All Industries Course

Respirator Basics For All Industries

Level: Intermediate

Duration: 1 Hours

Location: Online or In Person

Overview & Objectives

The Respirators Basics for All Industries online training from Exceed Safety is an intermediate-level course in which participants will learn the basics of respirator use necessary for those required to wear purifying respiratory protection in all industries, including construction and general industry. Designed to be beneficial for all positions in the workforce, this course will educate participants on fit testing, the need for respirators, and precautions associated with their use.

NOTICE: If you are required to wear a respirator following this online training, we highly encourage discussions with individual supervisors, Qualified Respiratory Program Administrator, or safety officers at individual work/jobsites to gain further understanding of respiratory protection at your individual place of employment.

Exceed Safety’s online Respirator Basics for All Industries course is intended to familiarize participants with the overall need for and proper use of personal respirators in the general industry sector. Specific course topics include the following:

  • Introduction – including general responsibilities, federal and state regulations, and the two main respirator categories
  • Types of respirators
  • Air-purifying respirators
  • Filters, cartridges, and canisters
  • Medical considerations in relation to respirators
  • Respirator fit
  • General respirator use
  • Disposable filtering facepiece respirators
  • Half facepiece elastomeric respirators

Specific industry terms discussed throughout the course include the following:

  • Action level
  • OSHA
  • National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)
  • Respiratory protection
  • Respiratory protection program
  • Respiratory hazards
  • Respiratory hazard controls
  • Air-purifying respirator
  • Atmosphere-supplying respirator
  • Medical evaluation
  • Immediately dangerous to life and health (IDLH) Fit test
  • User seal check
  • Filtering facepiece respirator
  • Half-mask respirator
  • Elastomeric respirator
  • Self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA)

Who is this Course for?

The Respirator Basics for All Industries online training is ideal for anyone in the general industry or construction sectors who might be required to wear air-purifying respiratory protection and/or manages employees who must do so. Individuals who will benefit from this course include the following:

  • Any individuals required to wear air purifying respiratory protection
  • Foremen
  • Managers
  • Supervisors

Features & Benefits

Exceed Safety’s Respirator Basics for All Industries online course is designed specifically to teach participants the safe use of air purifying respiratory protection. Throughout the course, participants can expect to learn comprehensive material regarding respiratory protection and selection, as well as training, medical surveillance, use of, maintenance, and inspection of respirators. Through case studies and interactive exercises, participants can expect a broad scope of training. Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize agency requirements for respirator use
  • Recognize the characteristics and uses of major respirator types
  • Distinguish between the two types of fit testing
  • Identify medical requirements and precautions for wearing respirators
  • Recognize the important guidelines for wearing respirators in the workplace
  • Identify the steps for wearing respirators
  • Understand how to perform a user seal check

This course is worth 0.1 CEU credits. To receive applicable CEU credits, participants must complete the course in its entirety, pass all knowledge checkpoints with a score of 100%, and complete the course evaluation at the end of the course. Once completed, participants will receive a printable course completion certificate displaying CEUs earned.